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About Wayne

wayne scott, sperova

About your coach, Wayne Scott

Born in Saint John's, Newfoundland
Resides in Dallas, Texas


I began at Ernst and Young and grew into the CFO for a Dallas-based investment bank, later holding similar positions in San Francisco and Salt Lake City. I have owned my own business, made payroll, and cared for employees. In the last 10 years, I have focused on helping CEOs grow their businesses, helping with people issues, and empowering others to realize their dreams.


While working with CEOs, I learned two key lessons: 1) CEOs and presidents have the loneliest jobs in the company, and 2) They need someone, independent of the company, creating a safe place for the CEO to be him or herself. The objective is to make sure they no longer walk this road alone.


Early in my career, I made many mistakes. I remember stressing and having anxiety over decisions I had made or decisions I needed to make. At that time, I was not aware of the coaching concept. No doubt, it would have had profound effects on my life.

Now that I’m older and a little wiser, my passion is to help other professionals to not walk the same road of fear and anxiousness. As I have lead CEOs over the years, I know these top positions are lonely roles and they need someone to come alongside them, walk and encourage them. Most importantly, help them find the answers that are deeply within themselves. When this happens, the rewards are immeasurable for both the client and coach.

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